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A project with / Un projet de Tineke Bruijnzeels and Cally Trench

Week Nine Guest artist / artiste invitée: Valérie Mary

Drawing by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Drawing by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Drawing by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Tineke Bruijnzeels

The lake changes constantly. I see ripples on the surface and a slower movement underneath.
So I wondered: what is it, really, a lake?
Is it the water?
No. The water just runs through.
Is it the big bowl which contains the water?
No. The bowl needs to be filled with water to be a lake.
So what is it??
I asked the lake.
He replied: "I am the space that makes lake-being possible."

Le lac change constamment. Je vois les ondulations sur la surface et un mouvement plus lent en dessous.
Donc j'ai réfléchi : qu'est-ce, vraiment, un lac ?
Est-ce l'eau ?
Non. L'eau ne passe qu'à travers.
Est-ce le grand bol qui contient l'eau?
Non. Le bol doit être rempli d'eau pour être un lac.
Alors qu'est-ce??
J'ai demandé au lac.
Il a répondu:
'Je suis l'espace qui rend lac-être possible.'

Drawings of 2/10/13, 5/10/13 and 6/10/13
Oil pastel on thick paper / Pastel à l'huile sur papier épais.

Drawing by Cally Trench

Drawing by Cally Trench

Drawing by Cally Trench

Cally Trench

Drawings of windows and doors in my house.

Drawings of 30/9/13, 2/10/13 and 4/10/13
Ink over soft pastel and charcoal on ivory-coloured paper.

Drawing by Valérie Mary

Drawing by Valérie Mary

Drawing by Valééie Mary

Valérie Mary

"Tamaya" is an indoor plant that has been with me for 17 years. It almost died after last summer's severe heat. It's been miraculously recovering for almost a month and my drawings are a botanical record of it. They've been made on Velin d'arches paper, like studies for future etchings.

I really enjoyed this time spent concentrating on sheer observation of this plant. It almost became a meditative exercise.

Tamaya: Drawings of 1/10/13, 4/10/13 and 5/10/13
Pencil on velin d'arches paper

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