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A project with / Un projet de Tineke Bruijnzeels and Cally Trench

Week Eight Guest artist / artiste invitée: Jo Thomas

Drawing by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Drawing by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Drawing by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Tineke Bruijnzeels

Tar drawings (2) (for part 1: see week 3)

Little cracks in the road surface have been repaired and filled with tar. Cars passing by have broadened these repairs, thus creating intricate tar drawings which, to me, ... look like the waves I have seen while drawing for week 1.

Dessins de goudron (2) (pour partie 1: voir semaine 3)

Petites fissures dans la chaussée ont été réparés et remplis de goudron. Les voitures passantes ont élargi ces réparations, créant ainsi des dessins de goudron complexes qui, pour moi, ... ressemblent à des vagues que j'ai vu en dessinant en semaine 1.

Drawings of 25/913, 27/9/13 and 29/9/13
Black pen on tracing paper / Stylo noir sur papier calque

Drawing by Cally Trench

Drawing by Cally Trench

Drawing by Cally Trench

Cally Trench

Drawings of my bare feet.

Drawings of 23/9/13, 25/9/13 and 29/9/13
Pen and ink on watercolour paper.

Drawing by Jo Thomas

Drawing by Jo Thomas

Drawing by Jo Thomas

Jo Thomas

I planned to dowse and draw the observed energy of place in a series of drawings. However, things changed.

A small dark stone that has a thumb smooth surface. On Day 1, Monday 23rd September a close friend's husband died. I carried the stone with me that day and for the rest of the week. Each night before sleep I observed the stone and my feelings through making these drawings.

Drawings of 24/9/13, 26/9/13 and 28/9/13
Graphite, gum arabic on paper

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